Home Watching and Cleaning Services

Did you know…that leaving your home unchecked while you are on holidays is not only a bad idea, it can affect your insurance coverage if something goes wrong while you are away. Insurance companies usually suggest you have someone checking your home at least once a week, and preferably every 3 days. Home security is high on people’s minds there days, whether you live in the city or rural setting. It doesn’t take long until someone knows there is no one home for a period of time.

christmas-christmas-house-cold-259583At Eagle Eye Homewatchers, we pride ourselves on keeping a sharp eye on your home and belongings. Making it look “lived at”, with simple things like sweeping walkways, rotating light use, putting out garbage, and many other little tricks of the trade to keep it secure. We can also alert repairmen or authorities if disaster strikes and the furnace goes off or there are signs of intrusion. We can suggest ways you can prepare your home for going away as well.

If you are leaving pets at home, we can check on them, walk and feed them as requested or needed and give him that loving attention they are missing.

Just need the place spruced up? We do that too! General cleaning, minor tidy or maintain jobs in the yard can be part of our services as well.

I pay attention to details, keep you informed, keep your home and pets safe.  Awe…then you can go away and relax or get that business done and have peace of mind.

alone-cabinets-chores-1321730.jpgCall me, lets talk about your needs. Serving Marchand and Labroquerie.

Barb  424-9093, barbandspirit@gmail.com