Barb’s Bio

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I love what I do…whether it is with animals, helping people understand them better, pet sitting, home watching or home cleaning. The services I offer are all things I enjoy.

I spent years as a horse trainer and clinician in natural horsemanhip, which I ran out of a ranch next to Sprucewoods Park for 20 year, called Seasons Ranch.  It was a full on service occupation, from cleaning the cabins, setting up lessons, or working to keep the ranch looking amazing.  I am a people and animal person.  When I moved to Marchand I had retired also from being a teaching assistant at the Carberry Collegiate for several years.

Now, I have decided to combine my skills to again help people. Over 2 decades ago I operated Assiniboine HomeWatchers. I would check on homes, keep them looking lived in while folks were away for business or holidays. I also looked after their plants, pets and sometimes cleaned for them as well.

So, it is with pleasure that I am offering my services in my area, where I have lived for 3 years now, in Marchand, and also extend service to Labroquerie.

I live with my 2 horses, 2 dogs and 3 cats at Eagle Acres in West Marchand.  You can find me here…in my spare time, walking my dogs, sitting with my horses or riding, and watching my cats climb trees. I also enjoy writing, reading…but not necessarily arithmetic! 🙂

Looking forward to providing this service for our lovely communities.

Barb Vince

CONTACT ME  for more information, pricing and references.



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